Diversity with unique insights


World skills at your door step


Aligning startergy with people and culture


No two of us are the same. Some expressive, some laid back...” A lack of this understanding has made traditional recruitment a puzzle, At Proaxis, we lend ears and put candidates and clients first. We have a deep understanding of the client needs and this coupled with the candidate expectation can help us leverage the “Right fit at the right time” considering cost and quality. It’s in our nature to care about perspectives, be it the candidate or the client who engage with us. When our expertise and suggestions are needed we step in first.

Across the world and around the corner there have been rapid changes in technology and companies are finding it hard to cope with the increasing complexity of the organizational structure. At Proaxis, we excel in identifying and analyzing these changes by using cutting edge tools and techniques. We connect advice and support organizations and their employees, all for mutual success. A creative bunch often called “The Talent Scout” we are a full-service multidisciplinary recruitment services agency. We are domain agonistic and our services are beyond geographical boundaries.


It is not common to find a recruitment firm that operates across domains, skill sets, a range of experience levels, across time zones and geographies, a firm who would truly add value to your hiring needs. To find another creative recruitment firm that is better suited to your needs would be challenging. Here are six “stand out” reasons that’ll convince you that you will be better off with us:

We come up with innovate idea’s to connect the right candidates to the clients. Our output always resonates with the client requirement. We use sound strategies to achieve the same.


We are truly lucky to have a star team who make us what we are. They excel in their respective roles and create a fun filled atmosphere at work. Oh Yes, they are quite a groovy bunch as well!

Great People

It’s all about you. We put ourselves in your shoes and think what’s best. Your Goals become ours! and we take care that the best gets delivered.

Client Focus

As a mid-sized recruitment firm, we seem to fit in with everyone. We are quite capable of taking high volumes and set priorities accordingly. We have proven capabilities with most of our clients.


We work on a certain set of SLAs with every client. We deliver what is expected from us with quick turnaround time and reliable procedures. Our TAT is generally 2 hours for basic skills and 4-5 hours for the niche.


We provide value added services like the technical evaluation of every profile, cross and up skilling of the candidate that ensures we have a value for money model.

Value Added Services









We offer permanent staffing solutions that is meticulously planned to customize your requirements. We take a deep dive approach building insights before a plan is evolved

The need of the hour is right skills that’s easily accessible for a specific period. Contract staffing suits this demand and helps you manage the demand supply cycle better.

Do you prefer evaluating the performance of a candidate before hiring? In this model, you will be able to hire a candidate for a temporary period, evaluate the performance and convert into full-time employee.

At the high end of the challenge for any company lies in head hunting an executive staff if the company were to encounter the situation. The critical component here is to find the right person who can bring in true business values

A big transition happening today in the IT Industry is placing a big bet on hiring fresher’s. Universities are producing high potential talent, at Proaxis we nuture them and make them industry ready.